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What is HWANGDBS-E'Invest ("E'Invest")?
E'Invest is an Internet stock trading system developed exclusively for the clients of HWANGDBS Investment Bank Berhad ("HDBS"). It provides you with the ease and convenience in trading in the local stock market of Bursa Malaysia. It allows you to have 24 hours on-line access to all information pertaining to your investment decisions through your personal computer.
What are the main features of E'Invest?
There are 2 versions of E'Invest, namely BASIC and FULL.
NoFeatureBASIC VersionFULL Version
1Real time stock prices and indices of Bursa Malaysia//
2Tracking and graphs of stock information and indices//
3Historical stock information with technical analysis//
4Stocks portfolio and favourite stocks watchlists//
5Latest market news and corporate announcements//
6Market information of Futures//
7Research materials compiled by HWANGDBS Vickers Research//
8Up-to-date information on client's latest transactions such as on-line order confirmation and matching//
9Transaction history of client's trading account//
10Instant messaging to/from Dealer's Representative//
11Order placement and amendment requestx/
Note: The BASIC version does not have any access to online trading.
Orders placed online will be sent online to the designated Dealer's Representative at HWANGDBS who will in turn route them to Bursa Malaysia.
Is E'Invest accessible from overseas?
Yes. As long as there is Internet connection, E'Invest is accessible from anywhere in the world with the right system requirements and settings.
Who can apply for E'Invest?
All clients of HWANGDBS can apply for E'Invest subject to Dealer's Representative's consent and the Company's approval.
What are the requirements to sign up for E'Invest?
You must have a valid Email account or handphone number and a share trading account. An Email account or handphone number is compulsory because temporary Log-on Password or Trading PIN will be sent via this mode if you forget either one of them.
What are the charges involved to subscribe to E'Invest?
Currently, there is NO Access Fee for subscribing to E'Invest BASIC and FULL versions. However, we reserve the right to impose any charges with prior notice to you.
How do I sign up for E'Invest?
The easiest way is to register online through our website einvest.hdbsib.com under SIGN UP menu.
How long does it take to have my application approved?
For BASIC version, the approval process usually takes 2-3 market days provided all documents are submitted, duly completed and signed.
For FULL version, the approval process may be longer because you will have to sign the E'Invest Terms & Conditions. Activation can only be done provided all documents are submitted, duly completed and signed.
What if I have more than one(1) share trading accounts?
For each share trading account that you wish to link to E'Invest, you are required to sign the E'Invest Terms & Conditions for the specific account. The additional share trading account will be linked to your existing User ID upon approval of your application.
Can a holder of corporate account subscribe to E'Invest?
Yes, as long as the client has a valid share trading account with HWANGDBS.
For FULL version application, a copy of board resolution authorizing the subscription and appointment of personnel(s) to transact online is required. A sample can be obtained from your Dealer's Representative.
How do I get started if I do not have a share trading account with HWANGDBS?
You may fill up a request form online under menu SIGN UP -> Request to Open New Trading Account and our Customer Service Officer will assist you in getting a Dealer's Representative to open a trading account. The Dealer's Representative will contact you for further action.
What are the minimum system requirements?
Internet-enabled PC or Notebook with Pentium III and at least 128 MB of RAM
Windows XP or above
Minimum 56kbps modem
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 service pack 1 or similar
Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.6)
Chinese Font File (if you wish to operate the Trading Hall in Chinese)
Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 and above
The monitor resolution should be at least 800x600 for better viewing
Do I need to change my PC setting?
Please check your PC setting by following the steps below:
  1. Right click on Internet Explorer (I.E.) on your desktop
  2. Click Properties and then Advanced Tab in Internet Properties
  3. Make sure the following option is checked (refer to the box below):
    • Use JRE 1.6.0_xx for applet (requires restart) under Java (Sun)

  4. If Java (Sun) is not found in this Advanced settings, please download Java Runtime Environment Version 6.0 Update XX
  5. Click 'OK' to complete your PC setting
Who should I contact if I have any enquiries or problems on E'Invest?
You may contact our E-Services helpdesk at 1-800-88-5288 or (60)4-263 0050 from 8.30am to 6.00pm on any market day. Alternatively, you may Email to eservices@hdbs.com.my for assistance.
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